AT Mechanical's Courtyard
a message in your misfortune

AT Mechanical's Courtyard
a message in your misfortunes

In 2014, AT Mechanical moved their warehouse and office headquarters from Franklin Park, IL to Melrose Park, IL.  They purchased two adjacent buildings and combined the two buildings with a walk through.  In doing so, there was some "dead space" that was left in between the two buildings.  This space was a repository  for debris and concrete, as well as waste dirt from the previous owners projects.  Really, it was something like a brownfield- not very pretty.

After some heavy rains, the wasted space between the buildings experienced some severe flood issues, with significant damage to the grounds as well as to vehicles in the area.  Steps were taken to alleviate this issue but the area still experienced flooding problems.

AT Mechanical decided to take this misfortune and turn it into a benefit.  Not only was it important to address this situation but to make it better.

AT Mechanical dug out the area, installed drain tile, new soil and constructed a courtyard that A) created a beautiful, usable space B) provided a communal area for employees and C) added light and warmth into the office.  According to AT Mechanical, it's important to develop spaces like this, creating a nice office environment and a community feeling to equip our employees with all the necessary tools and advantages to better service our customers, to produce the best possible job and to attract top talent in the industry.


AT Mechanical strives to provide the highest quality, the most efficient mechanical system installation at the best value, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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