July 12, 2019

Do you regularly arrive at work feeling tired, groggy or run-down?  If so, you may not be getting enough sleep.  It's estimated that more than one-third of the US workforce is sleep deprived.

Not getting enough sleep is risky.  Sleep deprivation has been shown to raise the risk of depression, obesity and heart disease, and has an adverse effect on reproductive health.  Here are some tips to help you achieve better sleep and be more alert during the day:

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime and wake up time - even on weekends
  • Keep your bedroom dark and cool when you're sleeping
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before bedtime
  • Keep electronic devices, such as cellphones and TV's out of the bedroom

Stay Alert on the Roads-
Sleep deprivation can have a big impact on the roads.  To stay alert on the roads:

  • Take regular breaks to get fresh air and stretch your legs, and rotate drivers when you get tired
  • Don't drink alcohol or take medications that may make you drowsy
  • Find a safe place to pull over and rest for a while if you feel drowsy
  • Don't drive if you feel too tired.  Stop at a hotel or call a friend, if possible, to take you to your destination

Keep Ergonomics in Mind at Work-
Are you lifting objects correctly?  If not, you could be at risk for an ergonomics-related injury such as sprain or strain, back injury or repetitive-motion injury.

  • Warm up and stretch before lifting an object
  • Ensure your back is straight when lifting and bend your knees.  Never twist or bend your back when lifting an object
  • Only lift an item when you're standing on solid ground
  • Keep the object close to your body and lift with your legs - not your back
  • Never carry a load that is too heavy.  Either ask for help or make multiple trips
  • Ensure your lighting is neither too dim nor too bright
  • Ensure good balance and feet placement
  • Never twist your back to move in a direction, keep your spine vertical and move your feet first

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